Are you looking for a reliable and fast acting taxi service that will be there when you need us and have you home before you pass out in the back? Then Speedline Taxi is the perfect choice for you!

Many people use taxis on events and nights out to make sure that they have the transport they need to get home safely – but how often do you struggle to get a cab at night or struggle to even phone the numbers properly?

Thankfully, with Speedline Taxi you can get our top of the range transport service at a fraction of the speed that you will get it from elsewhere with help of our new app!

This is the ultimate solution to anybody who need a Speedline taxi and wants to deal with everything in the one go without any problems or hassles, meaning you can just get in the taxi and enjoy a simple, comfortable journey home.

Our app provides you with all the help that you could possibly need to get from A to B, including;

  • Simple user interface that makes typing and navigation as easy as pie, so no matter how much you have had to drink you will be able to contact us with ease!
  • Quicker and easier than phoning
  • Safe and convenient method for hiring a taxi. You know who you are getting, where it’s going to pick you up and how much it is going to be as well as being fully logged on our system
  • Easy to leave feedback so if you think you had a great service you can let us know with ease – this makes it even easier for Speedline Taxi to make changes to our service to provide you all with the best possible transport service.
  • Transparent pricing structure means that you know the price before we even arrive, meaning there will be no little surprises along the way that leave you short of money or unable to afford the taxi!
  • Easy to track our drivers using the Speedline Taxi app to make sure that you get the taxi where it is supposed to be and there is no confusion, only satisfaction

So what are you waiting for? Make your nights out and transport requirements that bit easier with a simple and free app that can have your cab there when you need it at the cost you want! You can download it immediately HERE and start hailing cabs in our new style!


  • Available on the App Store
  • Available on the App Store